Hey! The names Amber, I'm on lvl 16 of life, I like bands, Supernatural, turtles, and the color green :)

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So I have this thing that one of my extended family gave to me and ITS A LITTLE TINY PROJECTOR, OKAY, ITS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT!

Projecting the solar system, it’s on a wall in the second picture and on a clipboard in the third to show it more detailed.

This is seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever owned, omg I’m so happy!

Made a seam down the middle, you can’t even tell! It’s better fitting now, tho!

Made a seam down the middle, you can’t even tell! It’s better fitting now, tho!

Had my grandmother bring my sewing machine over cause I need to adjust the skirt for my Halloween costume! Let’s see if I still got it B)

Lets Rob A Bank;

∟ Kind of an Indie playlist, not really.

come a little closer // cage the elephant | 19-2000 // gorillaz | get away // fitz + the tantrums | voodoo child // jimi hendrix | pumped up kicks // foster the people | jerk it out // the caesars | fluorescent adolescent // arctic monkeys | scooby snacks // the fun lovin’ criminals

listen here!

I was reading fan fiction in school and it was like this really hardcore smut scene (I was not expecting it tbh) but I read that with a stone face and then my friend wanted to read what I was reading and after she did she was like hOW?

okay I have to go so goodnight my lovely pizza bagels ❤️


Tony Perry || Pierce The Veil 


Tony Perry || Pierce The Veil 


This video is courtesy of the amazing Osric Chau. If you want to support Misha and Osric’s kayak adventure, drop by their Crowdrise page

We’re just a few hundred dollars short of $50,000! 

And good luck to all our #E4K-ers still out there enduring 4 kindness!


Taurus- Bull horn wimp

Gemini- Other guy

Cancer- Krabkrab

Sagittarius- Smelly horse man

Capricorn- Honk friend

Aquarius- Cape douche

Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces- Tha bitches





the many costumes of sam winchester

[previously: cas, dean]

the many costumes of cas

the many costumes of dean winchester

[previously: cas]

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